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About Us

Our business was founded in 2007 under the name Wayne’s Window Washing. After serving in the Army, Active Duty from 1998-2005, I (Wayne) got out to complete my undergraduate degree in Interpersonal Communications. During this time, I worked for two years as a technician servicing and installing water purification equipment: individual, whole house, commercial water softeners, and Reverse Osmosis.

Although I enjoyed the work, I was itching to do something on my own. I discussed this with a friend who owned and operated a lawn care company and he told me all the reasons why not to do landscaping– and why I should start window cleaning instead.  One day we met at a 7-Eleven, where he spent an hour showing me the techniques of window cleaning, and as they say, the rest is history- Wayne’s Window Washing was officially in business.  Of course, I had friends that encouraged me to name the company ‘Wayne’s Wonderful and Wacky World of Window Washing’ but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

A good friend who is a real estate agent agreed to pass out my business cards in her local office.  I began cleaning the windows of her home as well as a few other houses she had picked up for me.  I practically worked for free for the first few months simply because I didn’t know how to price- but the quality of the work was great!  Referral after referral, I started learning how to price. In time, I picked up a few commercial accounts.

One day, out on the job, I met a professional window cleaner from Richmond, Va. We exchanged work information, advice, problems, business tips, etc. (It was mainly me receiving the work, advice, and tips, and he received the problems.) We became partners and Wayne’s Window Washing thereafter began operating as Appearances Window Cleaning. About this time, my business had expanded to the point where I went from being a one man show to hiring several hard-working employees.

The biggest step in growth came from my deployment to Afghanistan 2012-2014.  I was gone from home a total of 18 months with mobilization prep and all involved.  A very good friend of mine just got out of the Navy SEAL teams and was going to college.  But after many failed attempts at trying to find someone to run my business for me, he stepped in and decided to do it.  He put his life on hold for about 2 years and took over the business.  Under his control, he implemented many systems, processes and ideals that were truly a game changer for the business- for which I am forever grateful for his sacrifice and efforts.

Now, with those changes in place, and ever changing growth and improvement to the business, Appearances is happy to serve the major cities in Hampton Roads and Coastal VA to include Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and surrounding areas.  For any high rise needs (four stories and above) we service the entire state of Virginia for Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing needs.  We love what we do and it is displayed in our work. Thank you for considering us for your next cleaning job.